Fibers for Fido - Helping Animal Shelters, One Sweater at a time

Fibers for Fido – Helping Animal Shelters

One sweater at a time

Fibers for Fido is a charitable organization that works to support animal shelters and sanctuaries locally, and across the country, one sweater at a time.  Our dedicated shelters and sanctuaries have a unique set of needs that is constantly changing and evolving.  Fibers for Fido was formed in in 2014, in order to help animal welfare organizations meet these needs.  Over the past couple of years your donations have allowed us to make a difference.  This year, we want to make an even bigger impact and help find homes for the holidays.  Please consider joining our mission.

Make a donation

Fibers for Fido is working to gain an intimate understanding of the specific needs of our partner charities, and to helping animal shelters find ways to meet these needs. The first need that we were inspired to work to fill is that of providing sweaters and blankets to keep the animals in these shelters warm and well throughout the cold Winter months.

To fulfill this need we are asking for donations of handmade or store-bought sweaters and blankets, or the materials and volunteers to help make them, and funds that can be used to purchase additional materials and goods to help care for shelter animals.

These items not only help keep these animals warm through the cold months, but aid in their recovery from conditions due to exposure.  In addition to the warm and fuzzies, Fibers for Fido is seeking donations of food, treats, toys and more.  Please visit our donation page to learn more.

Become a Partner

Fibers for Fido is in need of your help – we need you in order to continue helping animal shelters! We are asking organizations and individuals to donate knit dog sweaters of various sizes, supplies or funds in order to support animal shelters and sanctuaries across the country.  To learn more about how you can support Fibers for Fido as a business or organization please click here. Whether you would like to make a donation or allow your friends and customers to drop off their contributions, we need your help.

Animal Charity Partners

We are looking for additional Animal Charity partners in the Tri State area.  If you know of a shelter that could benefit from extra donations please share the word and let us know.  You can find a list of our current partners here.


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