Crowd Sourcing Donations for Local Animal Shelters

Fibers for Fido is a charitable project that works to support and uplift animal shelters and sanctuaries. These dedicated shelters and sanctuaries have a unique set of needs that is constantly changing and evolving. We are working to fulfill the directive from Mahatma Gandhi, to "Be the change", every day. Fibers for Fido is not a nonprofit, so we cannot provide a tax deductible status for your donations. We can however coordinate with our charitable partners who are, and enable you to donate to them directly.

The Good We Can Do Together
Gather Donations

Fibers for Fido is working to gain an intimate understanding of the specific needs of our partner shelters, and to help them find ways to meet these needs. We take these needs and bring them to our followers, so that together we can pull our resources and get the individual shelters that we support the goods or services that they need. Please visit our donation page to learn more. Currently we are gathering donations of toys, treats and food, grooming supplies, sweaters and jackets, booties and more to donate to shelters in our Presents for Pets donation drive.

Form Partnerships

Fibers for Fido is in need of your help. We are asking organizations and individuals to pleas consider making a donation through Fibers for Fido, to our shelter partners. Together we can be the change, and make a difference in the lives of animals who so desperately need it. Our holiday donation drive, "Presents for Pets" is in need of partners both large and small in order to make 2015 a success. Our goal is to raise even more donations than we did in 2014 - which is no small feat! Please join us in our mission to play Santa Paws to pets in need this holiday season, and become a Fibers for Fido partner.


By donating to Fibers for Fido through GiveBox you are both making a world of difference for a local shelter animal, and making a tax deductible donation. By donating, you are joining Fibers for Fido in our mission to keep all shelter animals warm, well and working with us to help them find their forever homes. The dogs we support are fun, funny and fabulous, but our mission is serious. Shelters need our help, and together we can answer their call for help.

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Meet the Team
Fibers for Fido
Maggie Franz

Maggie is the founder of and the main driving force for Fibers for Fido.

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We're looking for help! We are in search of dedicated and talented volunteers to help make Fibers for Fido an even bigger success. Email Maggie Franz if you are ready to be the change.